Advantages Of Wearing Pinhole Glasses

Published: 02nd September 2009
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Pinhole glasses, also known as stenopeic glasses, are made from metal or plastic instead of glass. The lenses of these glasses consist of many small holes. These holes allow the user to see objects much more sharply. The small openings drastically cut down on the width of the divergent or peripheral rays that strike the retina and cause blurriness-the distortion associated with myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), presbyopia (a focusing problem associated with aging) and astigmatism. These glasses are designed to be so close to the eye that the small apertures are usually not a distraction. The holes are a bit more noticeable when reading.

Some of the inherent advantages of pinhole glasses include the following: They provide a simple and cheaper alternative to prescription lenses for reading and seeing things up close. Also known as multi-focal glasses, they provide a continuous variable curve that enhances vision at all distances. Bi-focals and tri-focals are only effective at fixed distances. Other lenses wear out and need replacing. Unless the pinholes break, these glasses can last for many years. They do not scratch like regular eyeglasses. Smudges or dirt does not deter from their acuity. These glasses can also help people who have cornea surgery with night vision glare. Moreover, children with special needs can avoid the embarrassment of wearing bifocals. And people with detached retinas need to limit the motion of their eyeballs. These lenses are designed to alleviate this issue.

Pinhole glasses are an excellent alternative to prescription glasses, even among people with myopia. Children can adjust to using these glasses early if they have trouble seeing the blackboard. These glasses can also cut back on eyestrain from looking at a computer. Pinhole glasses are recommended for people with diopters of myopia of 6.0 and under. Disadvantages include the lack of peripheral vision and lighting. However, the advantages to these glasses far exceed the negative aspects. They are available in many unique styles including sunglasses.

Patricia Frazier found out about pinhole glasses through a friend. Her personal discovery and experiences on the benefits of this product led her to write blogs about pinhole glasses and other vision improvement techniques.

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